Below is a collection of hints and tips to help you out on your journey to be the very best. There are more to come, for sure!

  • Do not try to tap the screen to reclaim Pokeballs. This does not work.
  • Egg incubators provide the biggest bang for your buck.
  • The AR function is cool, but makes it harder to catch Pokemon. If you find yourself having a hard time catching one, turn the AR off.
  • Don’t just evolve anything. Wait until catch one with significantly high CP. That will carry over.
  • CP isn’t the only thing determining a Pokemon’s worth. Look at the move set to see how powerful its attacks are.
  • Don’t be stingy with Razz Berries. It’s better to use a couple and catch that Hypno instead of chancing it running away.
  • Save up Lucky Eggs for when you know you’ll be surrounded by lures or when you’re ready to evolve a few lucky Pokemon.
  • Incense is best used when you’re wanting to walk around. Use it when you’re trying to hatch a couple of eggs.
  • If you catch an extremely low-level duplicate, you can transfer it right away by scrolling to the bottom of the dialog box.

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