Pokémon GO at Burning MAN

Event Details Date: August 27, 2017 12:00 pm –...

Event Details

POKÉMON GO AT BURNING MAN — As if we didn’t have enough ‘things’ to do while at burning man, there will now be a POKÉMON GO competiton to add to your pallete, GRAB SOME BALLS, CHARGE UP YOUR BATTERIES, we will all “MEET AT THE MAN” right ‘before’ the gates open – and will try to be the first one to CATCH A PIKACHU on the playa in 2016. There are some very special “MANAZNAR REWARDS” being given out along the way, so get ready for the BEST YEAR EVER… -brougt to you by “Camp Pokémon Go”, come find us at 8:15 and “A” to ‘REFILL”